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When Greg moved to SSM over 20 years ago he joined a group of musicians who were putting on a live show that took toy and food donations as admission to help support Christmas Cheer. The event only lasted a couple of years. In 2012, when discussing how hard it was for some friends to handle the stress of the Christmas season, Greg told Kerry about that event. He wanted to renew it but make it bigger. He talked about introducing the next generation to live music, putting several different genres of music on the same stage. Bringing the old musicians together with the new talent and making a larger presence for the Christmas Cheer need.

Kerry and Greg discussed a 10 hour event where no one took a paycheque, where all items would be donated for one cause to give back to our community for Christmas. A festival like this would need a great name and with that thought, Kerry supplied “Toystock – 10 bands, 10 hours”


The original thought was that local musicians and their friends would be the one’s providing the donations. They quickly came to realize that the community was ready and willing to support. The families that came and participated forced them from their original location to a larger venue. This event is hosted on donations and volunteers only. There is no CEO, no percentage, no discounts given. ALL FREE.

The goal now is to provide a strong introduction into the live music scene with different performers each year. Obtaining as much community support as possible. With any luck our community will no longer require our assistance during the holidays, but until then they will be there accepting donations for Christmas Cheer while Rocking the Cause. Everyone deserves a Merry Christmas.


Our mission is to educate and introduce the next generation to the power of live music while providing community assistance and awareness during a time of need.

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